‘Innovation & Evolution’: Sutton Shows Off KAV Hockey Helmets

The KAV Hockey Helmet carries an array of uniquely innovative, customizable and protective features for the betterment of all players.

The bucket is hardware-less, saving skaters and parents the hassle of dealing with screws and screwdrivers, and is tailored to the athlete’s head size for unparalleled stability.

Verbero Owner, CEO and 15-season National Hockey League defender Andy Sutton puts plenty of stock into injury prevention and reduction. The 676-game veteran, who executed a heavy style of game while in the NHL, values the protective elements of the KAV Helmet and believes it is the most innovative and revolutionary piece of equipment technology among hockey headwear.

“This is a 3D-printed helmet and it’s full custom,” Sutton said. “All of the hardware integrations are manufactured in the print process itself. So, when the cage goes up, it has receiving mechanisms that catch the cage. And then, there are no hotspots in the front. With those typical screws that are there on traditional helmets, there’s always a hotspot against your head. I don’t know why anybody would ever want that.”

Sutton highlighted the helmet’s rear feature, its occipital lock, and the magnetic chin strap as two rare characteristics of the helmet. He explained why they are important for players looking to limit head injuries.

“One of the unique features of the KAV Helmet that makes it truly unique is the occipital lock,” Sutton started. “It is a flex partition in the back, so it’s going right up against your occipital bone in the back of your skull and applying upward pressure. As the helmet goes on, the occipital lock is putting upward pressure on your head for those times when you go backwards and the head snaps. The helmet does not fly off. It keeps it anchored to your head, which is another imperative factor.”

Added Sutton on the KAV Helmet’s magnetic Quick Play Strap and Adjustable Chin Cup, two design features that provide improved comfort and safety support: “With the Quick Play Strap design, you can pull down with 1,000-pounds of force without release and it also lifts very simply, latching magnetically.”

Not only is KAV’s design and technology completely rare in the equipment world, but so too is the company’s customer service policy. If a minor hockey player’s head size changes 12 months since buying a KAV Helmet, a replacement can be sent. The KAV Helmet is offered in Player, Pro and Coach editions and are available at Verbero.com.

“Everything about this helmet is completely unique and is a complete innovation and evolution against the status quo,” Sutton added. “I recommend that everybody wear the KAV Helmet.”