Hockey Indigenous Team Store Opens

Hockey Indigenous, a non-profit organization striving to empower First Nation, Métis, Inuit and all Indigenous youths across North America, has partnered with Verbero to create the Hockey Indigenous Online Team Store.

The mission of Hockey Indigenous is to support, motivate and influence minors through the game of hockey. Verbero will power Hockey Indigenous' equipment and apparel needs with their unparalleled online team servicing system, which offers top-tier products on-demand at affordable rates.

“We love our partnership with Verbero because they have high-caliber technology with their hockey equipment and a new wave of apparel providing the best quality clothing to offer,” Hockey Indigenous CEO and Co-Founder Stephane Friday said. 

Verbero will also support Hockey Indigenous’ many camps and seminars to assist in the development of youths on and off the ice. Hockey Indigenous organizes several skill-based and character-building camps including the Promotion Empowerment Program, Ambassador Program, Hockey Indigenous Development Camp, Capacity Building and Sponsorship Program.

Hockey Indigenous also aims to build a better future by working to abolish the stigma of Paternalism, Discrimination and Racism.

“Verbero created the partnership through dignity, respect, and creating the space for inclusion,” Friday added. “Verbero has a high understanding of hockey and supporting partnership at the utmost mutual relationship. They are a gateway for innovation and have a lot of potential to grow.”

To view the Hockey Indigenous Team Store and to support the organization, visit For an additional 5% off your purchase, use the discount code HKYIND.