Grow Your Game with Verbero and 44 Vision Hockey

Verbero is teaming up with 44 Vision Hockey, a unique and detailed player training platform!

Verbero equipment, apparel and goods decorated in 44 Vision Hockey designs will be available for purchase on the program's exclusive Online Team Store

Products include 44 Vision Hockey sublimated gamewear jerseys and socks, practice kits, off-ice apparel, custom gloves, matching Mercury V350 sticks, KAV helmets, bags, skates, pants and Zenkai compression gear. 

The partnership between Verbero and 44 Vision Hockey combines high-performance equipment with a comprehensive training program, putting the athlete's best interests at the forefront.

"44 Vision is extremely excited about our Partnership with Andy Sutton and the Verbero team. Their passion for making quality, safe and affordable products is a few of the many reasons we are proud to stand with the Verbero brand,” 44 Vision Hockey Founder and former National Hockey League forward Rob Schremp said.

“Having played with Andy in the NHL, he was an amazing teammate to have. The way he looked after guys and the way he treated people is the same foundation that the Verbero brand is built on. With Verbero providing the tools and 44 Vision providing the technique, we look forward to growing the game of Hockey together and looking after the players’ needs."

The 44 Vision 360 Immersive Training Model concentrates on developing every aspect of a player's game. Athletes receive coaching in areas such as shot selection, decision-making, puck protection, defensive recognition, offensive creativity and overall situational awareness.

"We are so excited to work with Rob Schremp and his team at 44 Vision," 15-season NHL veteran and Verbero Owner Andy Sutton said. 

"The progressive nature of Rob’s approach pairs nicely with Verbero’s offerings and 44 Vision will use its platform to align its customers with Verbero Team Stores. Our shared background and long-time friendship have forged a basis for a long-term and sustainable partnership.”

Athletes utilizing Verbero's cutting-edge equipment and 44 Vision’s dynamic training mechanism will undoubtedly see their performance elevate to new heights on the ice. 

Verbero strives for innovation in the equipment industry by providing affordable and high-quality gear. Products include the 350-gram Mercury V350, full carbon V900 Mercury Skate, the Mercury Pro Glove as well as durable protection wear.

Check out Verbero's product line at Skaters seeking information on 44 Vision’s platform can head to