The Verbero Sales Rep Experience

As International Sales Director of Verbero Hockey, Pierre-Luc Racette operates from his Montreal home but quickly finds himself connecting with the hockey community abroad.

With over 40 clients ranging from Canada, the USA, Finland, Germany, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and Russia, Racette welcomes partners on board from all over the world.

It has prompted networks in North America and beyond, from the Ligue Nord-Americaine de Hockey (LNAH) in Quebec to appointing Verbero Brand Representatives in the UK. Alliances have also formed with organizations such as the Soo Jr. Greyhounds in Ontario and Hoosac School in the United States.

With Verbero, there are no boundaries. And as the Director of International Sales, Racette isn’t limited, geographically, in his pursuit to grow the brand globally.

“You cannot fake the enthusiasm and the drive that Verbero can bring,” Racette says. “It’s not just like being a salesperson with any company. There’s a strong bond that can be established with Verbero because there’s such a strong meaning behind the way we’re coming to the market. The way we’re growing organically is because we’re doing things the right way. It takes everyone and is impressive to do that organically, to grow globally.”

Fifteen-year National Hockey League defenseman Andy Sutton became Owner and CEO of Verbero in December of 2019 and is pushing for a new landscape in the hockey industry. Verbero equipment is made to be innovative, protective and affordable, and is accompanied by an on-demand, customizable team service system. 

The Verbero Sales Rep Program also grants those with a passion for hockey the opportunity to become a sales representative. This is where Racette has flourished, growing his network for years and reinforcing it as Verbero’s International Sales Director. The role serves more as an extension of Racette’s enthusiasm than a full-time job.

“I’m just doing me, talking about hockey,” Racette says. “When you believe in the product, it’s so easy. The strong key to success is to believe in what you’re doing and to believe in the product you’re representing. From that point on, you’re going to learn every day.”

During the day, Racette will work his phone and laptop to network with onboarded teams, sales representatives and prospective clients. He often researches different areas and associations in the market for equipment or apparel collaborations, all in an effort to introduce or promote Verbero. It’s not unfamiliar for Racette to host or join Zoom meetings with Owner and CEO Sutton present, either.

“I’m always looking to keep a connection,” says Racette. “I do a lot of ‘cold connection’ and a lot of research on who is involved where and what they’re doing, and I connect with those people. Even if those people are telling me, ‘No,’ well, at least, now, they know about Verbero.”

Racette maintains communication with his representatives frequently, whether to lend support, knowledge, direction, or simply connect. Verbero Sales Reps earn commissions on their sales, can build their own Verbero Rep Force and are supported by an abundance of resources, which Racette helps them understand.

“The VDash tool is amazing,” Racette says of Verbero's online sales representative dashboard. “You see all of your transactions, your sales, you have your own link and can see the traffic you create and generate. If you have representatives under you, there’s a link that shares the activity of everyone on your rep team. You can really have an individual approach with any one of your reps to coach them in certain directions or help with their networks.”

The International Sales Director celebrates each of his partnerships on social media and shares Verbero announcements. There’s been no shortage of headlines on that front, with Verbero forming alliances with KAV Hockey, HeadCheck Health, Zenkai Sports and 3ICE, the exciting and new 3-on-3 hockey league beginning in summer 2021.

Verbero recently named former National Women's Hockey League All-Star and current NHL Pro Scout Blake Bolden its first official Verbero Athlete, presenting Bolden with a custom stick line. And to further push for inclusivity in hockey, Verbero intends to create equipment categories and partnerships with female athletes and associations.

“The way we’re surrounding ourselves goes a long way,” Racette says of Verbero. 

“Any representative looking to join should feel confident that the support will come from Verbero fully and they will be set for success. It should be a great opportunity for anyone trying to do something unique in hockey and push the brand globally.”

If you are interested in joining Team Verbero as a sales representative, email for details and information!