Former Oilers Defenceman Jumps Into Hockey Equipment Game

By Derek Van Diest

Andy Sutton absorbed plenty of punishment in a 14-year NHL career, which forced him to become innovative with his hockey equipment.

By Sutton’s count, the former Edmonton Oilers defenceman had 14 surgeries and upwards of 20 fractures during his playing days, spending as much time in an air cast as a dress shoe.

The experiences have guided Sutton in his latest post-playing venture, launching his own hockey equipment brand, Verbero Hockey.

“I studied engineering at school and I’ve always had a really analytical mind,” Sutton said. “While I was playing, and the nature of the way I played being physical and blocking all kinds of shots, I was always working with the trainers and equipment managers to alter my gear so that I could be more protected and still play the way I needed to play. So, I was conceptualizing and re-conceptualizing things all the time.”

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