Ex-NHLer Andy Sutton on his alpacas, hugs from Darryl Sutter, being an ‘expert’

By Josh Cooper

Andy Sutton is living off the land right now.

The former member of the San Jose Sharks, Minnesota Wild, Atlanta Thrashers, New York Islanders (he’s a well-traveled guy), Anaheim Ducks, Ottawa Senators and Edmonton Oilers has a residence in Fallbrook, Calif., where he and his family are living a self-sustaining, vegetarian lifestyle. He said he has 13 chickens, two alpacas, three goats and many more animals.

In many ways, it’s a model way to exist as we quarantine. There are no trips to the store needed for Sutton, if he wanted to never venture outside his homestead.

The 45-year-old Sutton, who carved out a nice 676-game NHL career as a defenseman, also is the owner of the hockey equipment company Verbero.

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