Andy Sutton on Inside Sports with Reid Wilkins

Andy Sutton joined Inside Sports with Reid Wilkins on Tuesday

Verbero Owner and CEO Andy Sutton had plenty to chat about with Inside Sports Host Reid Wilkins on Tuesday.

The two discussed Sutton's early career, transitioning from forward to defense, mentoring a young Edmonton Oilers squad and, of course, his new venture with Verbero.

And as the National Hockey League returns to regular action in just over a week, Wilkins asked Sutton what his biggest hurdle would have been as a player coming out of an extended break.

“I think when you’re playing, you’re so hard-wired and you’re just chomping at the bit,” Sutton said. “For me, and I’m such a go-getter, it would have been difficult for me not to have something to dive into.

"By the start of the second month, I would have been peeling my own skin off trying to figure out what I was going to do with all the intensity and energy in my body.”

Listen to the full interview above.